Recent Press

  •  Seattle Refined (at included Honest Biscuits' biscuit mix in "7 Food and Drink Gifts for Everyone on Your List" in December 2014. They noticed that we created a "mix that anyone can use." That is because we sell both a regular and gluten-free version.
  • Founder and Head Biscuitmaker, Art Stone, was featured on the morning news on King 5 Television. "Company Offers Unique Seattle Cooking Tours." with Teresa Yuan on September 22, 2014 showed Art making biscuits like he does in his biscuit-making classes.
  •  Seattle Magazine included us in their "93 Ways to Savor Summer" feature in their June 2013 issue. They showcased our favorite Columbia City Farmers Market and included our friend's at Half Pine Ice Cream.


  1. Ballard needs "Honest Biscuits!"

    1. We would LOVE to bring Honest Biscuits to Ballard. What a great neighborhood. We applied to the Ballard Farmers Market and they never even responded. So tell them you want us. Or tell your local coffee shop and we will sell through them.