About Us

Each sales day, we bake our biscuits fresh. The biscuits are made fresh from local ingredients, the primary ingredient being Washington’s Shepherd’s Grain flour. This is the same premium quality, sustainably grown flour used in some of the best local bakeries. We add local dairy products to make a delicious piece of bread that is slightly crunchy on the outside, but light on the inside. A local baker described them as "fluffy clouds of goodness". Taking it to the next level, we then add other ingredients such as Theo Chocolate, Beecher’s Cheese, Bavarian Meat’s Bacon, and local fruit for uniquely flavored biscuits.

As we grow, we will add new flavors and rotate some flavors seasonally. We want to reflect the farmers markets where we sell our biscuits. The biscuits are best when warm. We can heat them up for you, or you can take them home and reheat them later. They keep for days in the refrigerator and they freeze well.

We are open at Pike Place Market from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm seven days per week. Check out our Find & Buy page for the list of current farmers markets and other locations to buy throughout Seattle. We can always bake larger orders on demand any time during the week and bring them right to you.

You can now send an individual biscuit to a friend through Yiftee. You buy the biscuit, and they come pick up the biscuit when they want it.

Honest Biscuits was started by Art Stone, who has bounced around between the law, art and food throughout his career. He first made biscuits with his grandmother in rural North Carolina when he was about four years old. After he "helped" her make the biscuits for dinner, she would give him dough to make into biscuity animals. For years, Stone, has tried different recipes and techniques to try to match his grandmother’s biscuit-making skills. After the past six months of perfecting his own recipe, he believes he may be finally catching up to her. He is trying to respect his grandmother’s legacy while injecting his own life experience, traveling and living in different places, to take biscuits to the next level.

1901 Western Avenue
Seattle,  WA  98101
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30AM — 2PM
Weekends 8:30AM — 3PM
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