Better Biscuit Mixes

December 16, 2014

While we have been selling our biscuit mixes (both regular and gluten-free), we recently updated the packaging in time for holiday gift giving. Whether you want to make some easy biscuits for your family one morning over the holidays, or you are looking for the perfect gift for your favorite food-lover, check these out!

Biscuit Mixes

You can pick them up at Pike Place Market or West Seattle this weekend, buy them at Seven Coffee Roasters in Ravenna, or you can order them online. You can select local pick up and we can arrange pick-up or delivery. If you want them shipped, select that and we will refund part of the shipping cost.

Also, we have added extra instructions on this here website. See them up there? Since we can only put so many instructions on a little sticker on the biscuit carton, we put the extended play version up here to help along those who are looking for more precise information. Enjoy!

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