Get Out Your Irish Dancing Gear

March 05, 2014

Because St. Patrick's Day is almost here. That means that we are now making and selling the Kilt Biscuit again. This massive biscuit contains local Market House corned beef that we have cooked for more than five hours. The biscuits also contain Off Kilter Cheese from Mt Townsend Creamery. This cheese is washed in Pike Brewing Kilt Lifter Ale, so we toss some of that beer in the biscuits too. We finish them off with organic green onion and horseradish. Whether you are just fighting off the cold and damp of March in the Northwest, or fortifying your stomach for a night of drinking, this hearty biscuit is the one for you. It is only available until March 17 at the Broadway and West Seattle farmers markets or email us for a special order.

Kilter Biscuit
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