Great Deal on Four Pack of Honest Biscuits

February 25, 2013

We now have a storefront on, a website to buy goods and services from local people. Zaarly has a great promotion going to introduce us to Seattle and get you to sign up for Zaarly and see how easy it is to use. For this promotion, we created this [variety package and put an incredible price on it. At a substantial discount, you get four different handmade kick-ass biscuits! However, the promotion (and great price) only lasts until Thursday. If you order by then, you get a great deal, it helps us out tremendously, and we will DELIVER them to you for FREE in the Seattle metro area. Follow this link, you will be taken to the listing. When you buy it, you can leave a note with your preferences, for instance, if you are vegetarian, you might not want one of our MacGregor biscuits with local bacon.

Four pack of Honest Biscuits
1901 Western Avenue
Seattle,  WA  98101
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30AM — 2PM
Weekends 8:30AM — 3PM
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