Return of two favorites

March 07, 2013

For long time fans, you may remember from last year two special biscuits that are now part of the line-up. For the next two weeks, the Kilt will be front and center at West Seattle. We start with corned beef from local Market House, chopped up throughout the biscuit. We add cheese from Mt Townsend Creamery - their Off Kilter cheese, which is washed with Pike Brewing's Kilt Lifter Ale. Then we toss in some of the ale itself, just to make it fun. A few green onions and some horseradish make this baby flavorful.

The Mom's biscuit is a customer favorite and will be sticking around awhile. Not too many local fruits in season this time of year. But this one will warm you up with some local apples cooked with cinnamon and brown sugar. If you do not eat it at the market, you might want to take it home, warm it up, and put some vanilla ice cream on top of it. Yum.

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