Spectacular Specials

September 18, 2012

We have introduced three new biscuits in the past week, and we are very excited about it. The first was the Peach Melba Biscuit, with local organic peaches from Tonnemaker and Raspberries from Skagit Sun. The second was the Italiano, with fire-roasted red peppers from River Run Farm, fresh organic basil from Local Roots, and two cheeses (mozzarella from Golden Glen and queso fresco from Samish Bay). It is great coming up with a biscuit that is both delicious, but also sources ingredients from all these great local farms and producers. The third biscuit has been in our repertoire for a while, but never been sold at market: the Old School. We use strawberry jam from Camp Robber (made from local organic strawberries) and organic peanut butter. Great for kids after school or those of us who are young at heart.

We keep trying to bring you great flavors made from the best local ingredients, and we keep meeting new farmers and producers, opening up new doors and inspiring new ideas. For instance, the Italiano was inspired by seeing River Run roasting peppers in this steel cage at the West Seattle Farmers Market. The flames shooting up and the great smell made me want some of these tasty peppers. That and the classic Caprese inspired the Italiano. Hope you enjoy them.

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