Warmed up to eat here, or to take home and eat later

Butterhole Biscuit:                                                  
Classic buttermilk biscuit with jam, butter, and/or honey

Gluten Free Butterhole:
A delicious gluten free version of the classic buttermilk biscuit

Vegan Biscuit
made with coconut mllk

The MacGregor                                                      
Our most famous biscuit featuring Bavarian Meats Bacon, Beecher’s Flagship Cheese, and caramelized onions

Pike Place                                                                
Chunks of Beecher’s Flagship Cheese

Rotating selection of biscuits featuring local seasonal ingredients

Oven-“fried” Chicken on a Butterhole Biscuit         
Piece of local boneless breast with Pike Brewing Stout mustard, pickled onions, & micro arugula on a Butterhole Biscuit

Eggs and Cheese                                                     
Local cage-free egg with a slice of melted Tillamook cheese on a Butterhole Biscuit

Egg, Bacon, and Cheese                                          
Local cage-free egg, Tillamook cheese, and Bavarian Meats bacon on a Butterhole Biscuit

Egg, Sausage, and Cheese                                       
Local cage-free egg,Tillamook cheese, and a Uli’s Chicken and Apple Sausage patty 
on a Butterhole Biscuit

Country Ham                                                            
Slice of cured ham from North Carolina on a Butterhole Biscuit

Bavarian Meats bacon, heirloom tomato, leaf lettuce

Grilled Pimento Cheese
classic southern cheese spread melted on a biscuit

Vegetarian Sandwich
heirloom tomato, Tillamook cheese, pickled onions, and micro-arugula

Crab Melt
locally sourced Dungeness crab meat in garlic cheese sauce

BISCUITS AND GRAVY                                      
Southern style white sausage gravy on a Butterhole Biscuit  
Northwest Gravy, a hearty protein-rich lentil gravy      
which happens to be gluten free and vegan                    
But you can add some sausage                             

Biscuit upgrade options:
Upgrade to Beecher’s cheese                   
Upgrade to Pike Place Biscuit                  
Upgrade to MacGregor Biscuit 
Upgrade to a Gluten Free Biscuit  
Upgrade to a Vegan Biscuit             
Add an egg                                              
Add Kale-slaw                                        
Add Pimento cheese                               
Add Gravy (vegan or sausage)               

Traditional Southern-style coleslaw, but made with kale

Three Cheese Grits                                  
Organic Bob’s Red Mill corn grits with Tillamook Cheddar, Beecher’s Flagship Cheese, and Parmesan

Pimento Cheese                                       
Our take on this Southern classic using Tillamook and Beecher’s cheese with baby carrots


Sweet Iced Tea  
Hot Tea                                    
Espresso drinks
Iced Coffee                                                 
Bottled Water                                           
Orange Juice                                             
Whole Milk                                             
Local sodas                               
Local beer