This week at the South Lake Union Market, West Seattle Farmers Market and Pike Place Market Market, we will feature these biscuits:

This is our classic "plain" biscuit made with local creamery butter baked into the middle

The MacGregor
This biscuit is making us famous.  Bavarian Meats Bacon, Beecher’s cheese, and organic caramelized onions. 

Pike Place
Beecher's Flagship Cheese is baked into the batter of these tasty biscuits making them full of cheesy flavor


Sweet Potato
with local Beuaregard sweet potatoes from Lyall Farms and a bit of cinnamon

Caramel Apple
house-made organic caramel and local organic apples.

Figgy Blue
with fresh figs and blue cheese

Gluten Free
We have developed a delicious gluten-free biscuit and sell these frozen by the four-pack. This keeps them fresh and away from the wheat flour in our other biscuits.  People have been giving us amazingly positive reviews for these baked treats.

We now have a variety of flavors in gluten free versions.  Besides the standard Butterhole, Pike Place (Beechers Cheese), and MacGregor (bacon, cheese, onion) options, we now offer seasonal selections such as Honey, Strawberry, and Double Berry.  If you cannot decide or want a variety, we always have mixes 4-packs with two Butterholes, one with cheese, and a seasonal biscuit.  We try to keep costs down, but these biscuits generally cost twice as much to produce, so we must charge a bit more for them than our regular biscuits.

We can also make these biscuits to order by the dozen for your office meeting or holiday gathering.  Just email honestbiscuits (@) for more information.


These are biscuits in our repertoire that are not on the menu at this time.

This wonderful biscuit is filled with local zucchini, Beecher's Flagship cheese, and caramelized onions

Honey Biscuit
Butterhole Biscuit filled with local Sunny Honey 

Double Chocolate
Cocoa biscuit filled with a slab of Theo chocolate
(called the Hillbilly Pain au Chocolat by Edible Seattle)

An Uli’s Breakfast Sausage patty is baked right into the middle

Mom’s Biscuit
Apples and Cinnamon

The Cha-Cha
This is a biscuit filled with Tonnemaker organic cherries and local chocolate.

with fire-roasted red peppers, cheese, and basil.

Old School
Peanut Butter and locally made jam

Mini Double Chocolate
Cocoa biscuit filled with chunks of Theo chocolate
(called the Hillbilly Pain au Chocolat by Edible Seattle)

Mini S'mores
Theo Chocolate and organic graham chunks topped with a handmade marshmallow from Sweet Coconut Bakery

Seasonal Specials
We have made these biscuits in the past, but they may not be available at this time due to the availability of ingredients

Corned beef, Mt Townsend Creamery Off Kilter cheese, Pike Place Brewing Kilt Lifter Ale, green onions, horseradish

Simply cooked and seasoned local cherries baked into a biscuit

Love Biscuit 
Cherries and blueberries baked into the biscuit

The Double Berry Biscuit
These delicious biscuits are filled with lots of local organic raspberries and blackberries.

Strawberries and Cream
Filled with fresh local strawberries. 

Blueberry Crisp
Local Blueberries and crispy bits

Peach Melba
local Peaches and raspberries baked into a tasty biscuit

Figgy Blue
with fresh figs and blue cheese

Savory  Pumpkin
with chunks of organic local pumpkin seasoned and sauteed

Holiday Biscuit
with cranberries from Bloom Creek and local organic apples, finished with a bit of cinnamon

Mini Candy Cane Biscuit
with chunks of Theo Chocolate and all natural candy canes

Winter Pear
organic pears with a touch of port and blue cheese

The SEA Biscuit
Loki Fish salmon jerky, Mt Townsend Creamery Fromage Blanc, capers, and onion

MMM Biscuit
Organic Apples, Mt Townsend Campfire (smoked jack) cheese, jalapenos, and cilantro

Mom’s Biscuit
local Apples and Cinnamon, like an apple pie biscuit

Caramel Apple
House-made organic caramel and local organic apples.

12th Man
During the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl we offer this special biscuit that is like potato skins in biscuit form.  We start with Bavarian Meats bacon and Beecher's cheese of the MacGregor and add organic potatoes from Olsen Farms, sour cream, and green onion.  Go Seahawks!